Culmia's Health and Safety Excellence Awards


Culmia held the III Edition of the Health and Safety Excellence Awards. The event took place at the Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Madrid. 

The day was opened by the institutional opening of Martha Pulido, Secretary General of the CAM's Regional Institute for Health and Safety at Work, who highlighted the work carried out by the Institute in terms of research and technical advice for companies and society in Madrid. She also highlighted the approval of subsidies to promote Occupational Risk Prevention in companies in Madrid.

Martha Pulido, Secretary General of the CAM Regional Institute for Health and Safety

Subsequently, Joaquín Cabrera (HSE Manager) and Raul Garcia (Production Supervisor), were explaining the Health and Safety Best Practices that they apply every day at John Deere.

Raúl and Joaquín told us that in their company, people are at the centre of safety, and they talked about their health and safety methodologies, including the introduction of health and safety coaching.

They also told us about their software, Safety Leader Passport, which contains 5 levels, from the lowest level which is the apprenticeship (level 1), to the highest level which is the leader level (level 5).

Joaquín Cabrera and Raúl García of John Deere

Afterwards, Juan Manuel BorrásOperations Director of Culmia and Miguel ParisThe meeting was attended by Sacyr's Director of Occupational Health and Safety, Director of Occupational Health and Safety at Sacyr, who discussed Health & Safety on large construction sites, and commented that visible leadership has a very important impact on the health and safety culture. For this, they use Safety Topics. Both agreed that senior management must talk about safety and, as a consequence, so will their teams.

They also appreciated that Industrialisation and Digitalisation are crucial in the face of the current labour shortage, because manufacturing is done in controlled environments and the accident rate is reduced.

In addition, they highlighted the value of safety in the design phase, as it anticipates the steps to be taken in the subsequent implementation phase of the projects.

Afterwards, Francisco Pérez, CEO of Culmia, took the floor to thank the attendees for their participation in the event and to talk about the ethical commitment to health and safety.

Francisco Pérez, CEO of Culmia

Finally, Mind Manager and speaker Javier Luxor spoke about the automatisms that we use every day for our actions, even if we are not aware of it.


In the Health and Safety Coordinator category, our colleague was runner-up. Nuria Plaza Bachofor his excellent work on Culmia's Plan Vive promotions in Madrid.

Nuria Plaza, CSS of Q-safety

Among the prizes awarded, Q-safety by Quirónprevención received a special mention as a Health and Safety Coordination Company in recognition of its work in promoting the implementation of good practices in Health and Safety in the Technical Office in the works executed in Culmia's developments.

The award was collected by Ana López, General Manager and Ana Carrasco, Health and Safety Coordination Manager of Q-safety.

From left to right, Juan Manuel Borrás, Ana Carrasco, Ana López and Francisco Pérez.
Q-safety team

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