ESG: Investment and Sustainability in the Real Estate Sector


AEDIP (Asociación, Española de Dirección Integrada de Proyecto) has organised a breakfast meeting to discuss about ESG: Investment and Sustainability in the Real Estate Sector.

Moderated by Magdalena PlocikiewiczDirector of Marketing and Communications at AcieroidThe following high-level speakers took part in the event:

  • Ariadna Belver, General Director in Catalonia of Cador.
  • Sandra LlorenteDirector General of Lignum Tech.
  • David Sierra LluchDirector of Projects and Sustainability at Metrovacesa.
  • Aphat AmonarraizTechnical Director of Zubi Cities.
  • Patricia LaplanaFounder and Managing Director of Asia Green Solutions.
ESG Speakers: Investment and Sustainability in the Real Estate Industry

Sustainability has become an increasingly relevant topic in business, and the real estate sector is no exception. Investors, consumers and society in general are demanding responsible and sustainable practices from companies. In this context, the effective integration of environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) aspects has become a key factor for the success and resilience of organisations.

In ESG: investment and sustainability, issues such as the following have been discussed:

  • Why are Spanish companies implementing ESG criteria?
  • How do you know whether an investment is sustainable or not?
  • How is sustainability measured in projects and operations in companies?
  • Is it profitable for companies to implement such policies?
  • What design strategies are being used to meet ESG criteria?
  • What successful strategies has the real estate sector implemented to promote social inclusion, diversity and the well-being of local communities?
  • What are the most effective governance practices that real estate organisations can adopt to ensure transparency, ethics and accountability in their management?
  • How do you get the end-user to act sustainably in a given property?
Among the headlines from the breakfast were the following:
  • In order to know whether an investment is sustainable, the main thing is to be able to measure ESG parameters.
  • In companies it is important to have someone in charge of thinking, not just producing.
  • Strategies for sustainability promotions:
  1. Sustainability awareness.
  2. Information on ESG.
  3. Restructuring of company departments.
  4. Change of mentality in design and production processes.
  • Participation and inclusion are the cornerstones for creating more cohesive, diverse and sustainable communities, prioritising people first and foremost. It is important to create workshops for the co-creation of social taxonomies in both buildings and neighbourhoods, with broad citizen participation.
  • The additional cost of making a building sustainable is approximately 2%. The benefits of implementing sustainability are very high. In addition, investors are already asking for these criteria to be included. ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) in the projects.

AEDIP represents the consulting and engineering firms most committed to the promotion of Integrated Project Management, Project & Construction Management in Spain and contributes to improving the quality of the services provided to its members and collaborators through sectoral meetings, the dissemination of good practices and training through specialised courses.

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