The Mediterranean Corridor



Q-safety attended the 7th business event in favour of the Mediterranean Corridor #Iwantrunnermovement, a movement driven by the Valencian Association of Entrepreneursis an annual event to demand the completion of the Mediterranean Corridor, an infrastructure that will connect Algeciras with the French border, sharing valuable information on the importance of having a well-connected country.

Under the slogan "The future is at stake".The event was attended by 1,800 businessmen and representatives of Madrid's civil society and was held at the Ifema Conference Centre.

The event began with a keynote speech from Vicente BoludaPresident of the AVE (Valencian Business Association) and Boluda Corporación Marítima. Afterwards, José Blanco (former Minister of Public Works and CEO of Acento) and Pierre Giacometti (co-founder of No Com and former advisor to Nicolas Sarkozy) took part in a round table debate that provided the audience with an overview of the current situation from a European perspective.

Subsequently, the importance of this infrastructure being completed on time for both freight and passengers was debated in a round table discussion with the participation of Carlos Bertomeu (Chairman of Iryo and Air Nostrum), Raul Blanco (President of Renfe), Javier Rivera (CFO of PowerCo Spain) and Hélène Valenzuela (CEO of Ouigo).


Participants in Quierocorredor

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