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Q-safety by Quirónprevención has organised, in collaboration with the Association of Developers of Valencia (APROVA)The Jornada "Obligations of the Promoter with regard to Health and Safety on Construction Sites". The event took place at the CEV (Confederación Empresarial de la Comunidad Valenciana) facilities, located in Pza. Conde Carlet in Valencia, and brought together experts and professionals from the sector to address crucial issues related to occupational health and safety.

Ana I. López, Juan Giner and Antonio Olmedo

The day was opened by Mr Juan Giner CorellValencia City Councillor for Urban Planning, who stressed the importance of health and safety in the field of construction. He also underlined the need to invest resources in this area. According to the councillor, ensuring a safe environment is a fundamental motivation for people working in the sector.

Next, Ana I. LópezDirector General of Q-safety by Quirónprevención, addressed the main topic of the day: the obligations of the promoter in terms of health and safety on construction sites. He pointed out that, unfortunately, accidents can occur on both large and small construction sites and that they are not necessarily related to budget or time of execution. He also referred to the recent fatal accidents in Madrid, where three tragedies occurred in the course of one week, including two on the same construction site.

He also recalled the key regulations governing safety and health in construction, such as the Law 31/95 on the Prevention of Occupational Risks in the Workplacethe RD1627/97 and the RD 5/2000 LISOS (Law on Infractions and Sanctions in the Social Order)..

He also addressed the importance of knowing the main agents involved in a project, such as the promoter, the builder, project management, project managers and their obligations, and then focused on the figure of the Health and Safety Coordinator, both in the project phase and in the execution phase.

The event included a question and answer session where common issues such as the possibility for a contractor to hire the site coordinator, whether a site can have several promoters and how to manage multi-project sites were addressed. Also discussed were whether the developer can become a contractor when contracting in batches, how to manage works with multiple contractors, and the importance of the clauses to be included in works contracts.

The day concluded with a networking and coffee break, where attendees were able to exchange ideas and experiences related to health and safety in construction.

From Q-safety, we would like to thank the Valencia City Councillor for Urban Planning for his attendance and participation, Mr. Juan Ginerand the president of APROVA D. Antonio Olmedofor the welcome they have given us, and to José Manuel García for their attentive collaboration in the organisation of this event.

We would also like to thank all the attendees from various companies in the Valencian Community for joining us at this event.

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